Sunday, February 19, 2017

08/February/2017 - Briefly Back Home

The day started with Grump working away in Columbus, GA.

Looking out a window of the building where Grump works
However, Kuya had other plans for the day.  Soon after lunch, he vomited all over the kitchen floor!  Yuck!!

Sweetie was very, very upset, as vomit is something she doesn't handle very well, and Grump was out of town.  Fortunately Lola was able to clean up all the barf.  (Thank God for Lola!!)

Since Kuya was ill, it was decided that Grump would drive back home and help Sweetie take him to the doctor's office.

Sweetie and Kuya at the doctor's office

An ill Kuya

As it turns out, nothing was seriously wrong with Kuya; he just had a slight stomach flu.  But Sweetie liked having Grump home anyway!


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