Wednesday, July 26, 2017

14/July/2017 - Figs, and an Announcement!

The figs on our fig trees have started to ripen.  (Remember the "Resurrection Fig"?)

Yummy Fresh Figs
But while this is exciting and certainly yummy news, it wasn't the most significant event of the day.

The action of consequence took place away from home, in Columbus, Georgia, where a disgusted Grump finally quit his job.

Yep ..... he finally did it!  With strains of Johnny Paycheck ringing in his ears, Grump sent his boss an email announcing his resignation.  He's not sure about his last day yet; it will either be July 27th, or August 4th.

Woo hoo!!


13/July/2017 - Swimming Naked!

Since the boys' swimming pool is on our back porch, and this porch is "screened-in", they don't always wear a bathing suit when splashing around.

Here, for example, is Dodong fully naked, holding his "big hose":

Today Sweetie took the plunge, and joined the boys in their pool.

Sweetie with the boys in their pool

However, you will NOT be seeing any pics of Sweetie undressed!


12/July/2017 - Swim, Swim, Swim!!

The boys are absolutely LOVING their new pool!  I suppose they spend more time splashing around in there now than they do watching their iPads.  (Can you believe it!)

Dodong and Kuya in their Swimming Pool

Kuya did take a break from swimming to go to karate class:

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, the bite on Grump's hand is taking forever to heal.  He still needs to wear a bandaid over it, but the amount of "ooze" leaking out of it has decreased significantly.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

11/July/2017 - Another Working Tuesday

Ominously, (since he is away from home), Grump's hand wasn't any better today.  In fact, you can't really tell from this pic, but it was slowly oozing a clear colored puss out the wound.

The Bite

A bandaid improved things considerably!

Back home, the swimming pool had been moved to the back porch, which, while still hot, at least offers shade.

The boys had a blast splashing around!

The boys in the inflatable pool, on the back porch

After almost two months off, Kuya finally returned to karate class.  Here is being demonstrated ..... oh heck, I haven't a clue what they're doing!

Kuya at Karate Class


10/July/2017 - Bug Bite!

Yuck - it was a Monday, and you know what that means!  Old Grump had to wake up before dawn and make the long, long, long drive half-way across the state to his job in Columbus, GA.

The moon was very bright as he was leaving for work, as you can see in the following photos.  To give an idea how bright it was, that super bright object on the righthand side of the first pic is a streetlight!

The morning moon above our house, shining so strongly it almost competes with a street light.

The boys were up early.  Here they are being "studious".

The cruddy news of the morning is that, as he was waking up, Grump got bit on his left hand by some unknown critter.  (Probably a spider of some sort.)

The bite mark on Grump's left hand

It was a painful, ugly looking bite!  To protect all of us from future bites by whatever was doing the biting, Sweetie went into Super-Mama mode, and gave the bedroom a thorough cleaning and vacuuming.

The bedroom in the process of being cleaned

Of course Kuya, being an iPad addict, couldn't wait until the furniture was back in place before resuming his play with his iPad.

Kuya and his iPad


09/July/2017 - Mellow Sunday

Today was a very quiet Sunday.  We mostly just lay about the house, resting for the upcoming week.

Sweetie cooked some sweet corn she had bought at a grocery store.  The quality of the corn we buy varies wildly from batch to batch; this particular batch of corn was okay, but not spectacular.

Grump didn't mind; he was just happy to be home!

A Contented Grump

Dodong not only loves to drink chocolate Pediasure, he enjoys playing with the plastic bottles.

Here are Sweetie and Dodong relaxing on the bed.  Those are Grump's feet in the foreground.

Watch those Stinky Feet!!


08/July/2017 - Swimming Pool

Today we bought an inflatable swimming pool from the local Walmart.

Sweetie had been wanting to purchase a pool like this for a long time, but Old Grump had been resisting.  But today they were on sale at Walmart's for about $30.00, so Grump relented and bought us all one.

It has turned out to be a very popular purchase with the boys, and these photos of the two of them playing in it will demonstrate.

Dodong and Kuya playing in their new pool

Of course, they did all their playing under the ever-watchful eye of Lola, who was ready to swoop over in an instant and grab either one of them if necessary.

Lola, the Vigilant Watcher


07/July/2017 - Back Home Again!

Today was Friday, so Grump made the long, long drive home from Columbus after work.  Hooray!!

Whilst waiting for the old guy to get home, Kuya and Dodong played in the toy room upstairs.

Kuya and Dodong in the toy room
A frazzled Sweetie watched over them.

A Frazzled Sweetie

Whilst still at work, Grump munched on some empanadas Sweetie had made for him.  They were very yummy!

Grump preparing to eat an empanada

Yum, yum!  Munch, munch!!

Today was a decent day for veggies harvested from Lola's gardens.  The cucumbers in particular are very crisp and sweet!

Yummy veggies from Lola's gardens


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

06/July/2017 - Dangerous Activities

Today Kuya had a dental appointment.  This is always traumatic for him, (and the rest of us too!), because poor Kuya has such soft teeth, and is always getting cavities.

Kuya at the Dentist's Office

Fortunately today wasn't too bad; he won't have to schedule an appointment with the dreaded "ouch" dentist, (a specialist who works on his bridges and complicated fillings).

After that distress ended and the boys were back home, they played in the living room, hitting things around with rackets.

Note that this is the room that contains our TV, and, even more ominously, Sweetie's beloved collection of blue glassware.

What could possibly go wrong here?


05/July/2017 - The Pink Hat

Today Sweetie went shopping.  She bought fruit, (yummy cherries), and yogurt, amongst other things.

But the most exciting purchase of the day was this floppy red hat!

Sweetie wearing her new hat

It was just the thing to wear for a drive to the water park.

Wearing her new hat whilst driving Dodong and Kuya to the water park


04/July/2017 - Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!!

We celebrated our 4th this year by staying at home.  But we weren't without entertainment; the boys put on a demonstration of their martial arts "skills" for us.

Before any such demonstration, one requires a moment or two of silent reflection .......

Dodong preparing himself for his martial arts demonstration

...... or maybe not!

Preparation?  Who needs preparation?

Check out these fighting moves!

Don't get too close Grump!

Notice the shoes?

Meanwhile, we've been continuing to harvest goodies from Lola's gardens:

Produce fresh from Lola's Gardens

Speaking of gardening, if you've ever used a hose, you'll know that they are inherently evil.  You must keep your eye on them at all times, lest they manage to strangle and destroy one of your plants.

Unfortunately one of our hoses got loose today, and took down a nice stalk of gladiola blossoms.

A Garden Hose claims a victim