Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016/Mar/25 - TGIF

Despite having only three days left before he moves on to greener fields, Grump was worked very hard at his job today.  There's actually a problem with a system he used to work on, and he might be worked very hard right up until the moment he finally leaves.  Phooey!

On a more pleasant note ..... his coworkers took him out for lunch, which was nice.

Sweetie is about going crazy from having a two year old and a very bored seven year old home with her and Lola all day, every day, day after day after day!  Kuya's school starts up again this Monday, and as far as Sweetie is concerned it's not a moment too soon!

Sweetie was also busy around the yard today; she cranked up the lawnmower, and mowed the grass in the front yard!  She did a good job too!  She also attempted to attach a plant hanger to the side of the house, but was less successful with that effort.

An Upside-Down Plant Hanger

Dinner was hamburgers from Five Guys Burgers and Fries for the adults, (Lola, Sweetie, and Old Grump, who allegedly is an adult), and cheese pizza sticks from Papa Johns for the boys, (Kuya and Dodong).

We were all exhausted from our bodies having to fight all this stupid pollen, so we went to bed early.

WonderPoll Madness!

1.  Which is the biggest lie:  a) when a woman says, "I'll be ready in five minutes", or b) when anyone says, "I have read the terms of use"?

Proof that most of the respondents to this question were woman is readily revealed by the fact that "b" was chosen 79% of the time.  (I answered "a".)

2.  If a loved one was bitten by a zombie, would you have what it takes to put them down?  A) Yes, but I would feel very bad.  B) Yes.  I didn't really like them much.   C) No.  I would ask someone else to do it.   D) No. They are my family and I love them.

Fortunately "A" was the most popular choice, (mine as well), selected by 54%.  Of the two poor choices, only 8% of respondents admitted to being jerks and chose "B", while 17% chose to be irresponsible bleeding hearts and let the apocalypse spread by choosing "D".  "C", the second best choice, was selected by 21%.

3.  What was/is your favorite childhood game?  A) Freeze Tag.  B) Simon Says.  C) Ring Around the Rosie.  D) Hide and Seek.  E) Jump Rope.

What, no "Doctor"?

Of those choices, mine would be "D", followed closely by "B".  And you know what?  "Hide and Seek" must be very popular, because "D" was chosen by 59% of respondents.  Next most popular was "A" with 27%.  (What is "Freeze Tag" anyway?)  "Simon Says" came in a distant third with 8%, followed, not surprisingly, by "E" with 4%, (too much work!), and "C", (which is a stupid game!), with only 2%.

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