Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016/Mar/23 - Blah

The day started out nice enough, cool but clear.  But nice enough for a "hump" day.

Five more days at the Lizard Pit, and Old Grump is free!

It hasn't rained here in a while, and the pollen buildup is beginning to get downright irritating.  Poor Sweetie had to go to the doctor yesterday and get steroids to help her deal with this mess, Kuya is sneezing and clearing his throat on a continual basis, while Grump, being in denial, continues to drive with his windows down.  ("If my eyes get itchy I'll just scratch them!"  Okay Grump.  Whatever you say!)

While the cherry trees are just getting started, the native redbuds are in full bloom.  I think redbuds are often overlooked, so here are a couple pics to enhance their "image":

I believe, (but am not certain), that North America has a lot of terrestrial orchids.  While some of these are held in high esteem, (e.g., the "lady slippers"), most of them have flowers that are too tiny to attract much attention.

I tried to take a pic of what I think is a pretty orchid with very small flowers, but the wind wouldn't stop, and all my pics were blurry.  This is the best of the bunch:

Peace y'all!

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