Saturday, April 9, 2016

2016/Apr/09 - Shopping!

It was a Saturday, so we did what we do most Saturdays, namely, go SHOPPING, followed by spending a lot of money eating out.  Who cares about those towering medical bills?  We gotta do what we're here to do, ya know!

Sweetie primed to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!

The day started off kinda slowly.  Sweetie was still a bit sore at Grump for being excessively grumpy towards her the night before, so some icy hard feelings had to melt away before things got moving along properly.

The morning shopping trip was to Party City to buy supplies for Kuya's upcoming birthday party, then Sam's Club, where we bought fruit and eggs.  After all that excitement Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong, were tired, so the three of them took a nap while Lola kept Kuya out of trouble.

In the early afternoon we attempted to go to the French Market in Locust Grove for an early dinner.  However, a horrendous traffic jam just south of Forsyth caused us to pad on an extra 30 minutes of travel time, so once we got to the French Market it was a bit after 6:00 pm, and they were busy.  We had to wait a bit for a table, but it was worth it, as everyone, (even Lola!), thoroughly enjoyed their dinner.

A Decoration at the French Market

Kuya had to watch Dodong .....

...... but Dodong is fast, so you better pay attention!

A typical display of nicknacks for sale at the French Market

The elusive Lola, captured in a pic!

A snarly Old Grump

But Sweetie sweetens him up!

Another decoration at the French Market

Grump wondering whether his snout is longer

The rest of the evening was spent at the nearby Tanger Outlet Mall, where Sweetie and Lola "saved money" by buying some nice clothes.

Would you believe it may frost here tonight?  Crazy weather, huh?  Despite Mother Nature's late April Fool's joke, our plants have been doing very well this spring.

Our plants would look a lot better if Grump would finish mulching them!

Our first Amaryllis to bloom

The "Resurrection Fig" is still trying to grow:

The little fig tree that would not die


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