Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016/Apr/06 - Adjusting

There are no pics today, just words.  Sorry!

We are slowly adjusting to this new "living arrangement" while Grump is working out of town.  Every night Sweetie and the boys spend time "face timing" with him on our iPhones.  It's no way as good as him being back home, but better than no contact at all, I suppose.

Sweetie took Dodong to the doctor today, and got very good news.  First of all, she told them we are temporarily without insurance, and was only charged $86.00 for the visit.  But even better, it turns out that Dodong's rash is NOT due to an allergic reaction to the medicine he was given for the ear infection, but rather due to dry skin.  That is very good news indeed!

More good news: Kuya's infected eye seems to be clearing up thanks to the medicine Sweetie is giving him.

Now if we can only get the STUPID Lords of the Lizard Pit to honor their commitments and activate our COBRA insurance, we can pay the medical bills Kuya and Dodong ran up last week.

Massive WonderPoll Madness!!

1. How common is your name?  

a) I'm probably the only one with it.  (13%)
b) Not too common.  (38%)
c) Pretty common.  (27%)
d) There's at least five people with my name that I know personally.  (22%)

Hmm .... if you don't include "junior", there are at least two of us, and if you then eliminate the middle name, at least five that I know of.  (Four are relatives.)   I'm not sure how to answer. 

2. Would you commit a crime if you knew you would get away with it?

Of course not!  Yet, disturbingly, only 30% of respondents agreed with me.  

3.  If a poison is out of date, is it more poisonous or less poisonous?

I say "less poisonous", but most folks, (52%), say "more poisonous", which I don't understand.

4. What type of music is the worst?

a) Pop (16%)
b) Rap (26%)
c) Techno/Electronic  (34%)
d) Dubstep (24%)

I don't know what Dubstep is, but NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING, can match the immense odious garbage heap of obnoxious noise called (c)Rap.  NOTHING!!

74% of respondents are tone deaf morons!  (Unless Dubstep sounds like (c)Rap.)

5. Would you rather have:

a) A penny a day, but it doubled each and every day.  (61%)
b) One hundred dollars a day.  (39%)

The duration, (which is unspecified), is important in the answer to this question, because if you choose "a", (the correct answer), in a reasonably short period of time you'll have more pennies than atoms in the universe.  (Which could cause a storage problem!)  

6.  Have you seen the clown in Wal-Mart that hides from dumb people?

Ha, ha!!  Would you believe that 66% of respondents said, "Yes"!   Weird!!

Peace y'all! 

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