Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016/Apr/20 - WonderPolls!

Today was a travel day, (Grump came back home after work), so not a whole lot happened.  (Not to minimize that he made it back home safely again with God's Grace, of course!  NEVER minimize God's Grace!)

So .... Today will be a WonderPoll madness day!

1. Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?

What a stupid question?  I guess not being able to differentiate between a baby and a muffin means you are brain damaged in some way, so I suppose that is the worst of the two bad options.  54% of respondents agreed with me.

2. Do you prefer regular milk or chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk rocks!!  68% of respondents had enough sense to agree with me.  (The rest of ya are wrong!)

3. Who do you think gets more tickets when they get pulled over, boys, girls, or it's about the same for either gender?

Since most traffic cops are male, I would suppose that boys have a greater tendency to get tickets than girls.   Y'all wholeheartedly agree with me: 71% said "boys".  Only 11% thought girls were more likely to get a ticket, with 19% saying it was about the same.  (I best those 19% wear gender indeterminate clothing!)

4. Which of these fantasy animals would you be: a) unicorn, b) flying hippo, c) neon-colored cat, or d) dragon?

The correct answer of course is "d", as dragons are bad-assed!  Dragon was indeed the most popular choice, get 49% of the votes.  Unicorn was next, with 26%, (I wonder how many of those folks know that a unicorn is a phallic symbol?), followed by neon-colored cat with 15%.  Amazing, 10% of respondents must have some really weird fantasies, because they claimed they would prefer to be a flying hippo!  (Why?)

5. Who is better, Iron Man or Batman?

My initial impulse was to chose Iron Man, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked Batman, and now I don't even think that Iron Man is close to being as cool as the caped crusader.  Not, mind you, that there is anything necessarily wrong with Iron Man, who is a cool, praise-worthy dude.  But Batman just has sooo much going for him.  (Batmobile, batcave, etc., etc.)

Unfortunately only 46% of respondents agreed with me.  What's wrong with you, people?

6.  If Bigfoot came up to you, what would you do: a) take a pic of it, b) shoot it, c) pet it, or d) keep it as a pet?

Good grief, what stupid choices!!  If the obvious answer isn't given, (soil your underwear!), at least give something like, "run away" or "hide".

If you care, (I don't), the winning choice was "a" with 36% of votes, followed by "d", (really?), with 34%.  19% of respondents are sick bastards and would shoot it, and 11% are crazy, and would lose a hand or arm by petting it.

7. If you had a 99 percent chance of winning a million dollars, but a 1 percent chance of dying, would you take that risk?

You betcha!  I've got a family to support!  (I'd take out a good life insurance policy first.)

8. How much time do you spend watching TV in a day: a) 0 - 1 hour, b) 1 - 2 hours, c) 2 - 3 hours, d) 3 - 4 hours, e) 4+ hours?

For me the answer is "a".  I spend most of my "entertainment hours" on the internet.  And "a" in fact was the most popular choice, getting 30% of the votes.  Choice "b" was next with 27%, followed by "c" with 20%.  Oddly "e" got more votes, 14%, than "d", which had 9%.  I guess if you're gonna watch more than three hours of TV, you may as well turn into a complete couch potato?

9. What is your favorite pet: a) dog, b) cat, c) fish, or d) other?

I like dogs the best, and a whopping 71% of respondents agreed with me.  Cats were next with 16%.  Poor fish only got 3% of the votes, less than the unknown critters, (tapeworms?), of "other", which were the choice of 10% of respondents.

Okay ..... enough of this!  I tired; I'm going to bed.


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