Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016/Apr/23 - Fun Day!

Gosh, it was a really, really fun day for all of us!  Beautiful weather, fun events, good food, and no medical emergencies.  And the Old Grump even managed to get a nap!

We were out-and-about early to run some errands, and the way home stopped at a yard sale, where Kuya bought this odd Minecraft "mask".  It's more of a box really, but then I think everything about Minecraft is weird, including the primitive graphics.

Kuya with Minecraft "mask"

At lunchtime we headed over to Kuya's school, Montessori of Macon, where they were having an outdoor party/festival/fundraiser.  We all ate chili dogs, including Lola.  (Grump ate two!)

Lola, Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie walking up to the party area at Kuya's school

There was live entertainment, including this "balloon band".

A "Balloon Band"

Kuya on the inflatable kiddie playlet

I think he was having fun

 Kuya got his face painted to look like ..... well, I guess he was supposed to be Spiderman.


Later in the evening Grump and Sweetie had a wonderful dinner at the wonderful FOJ, then headed to the Grand Opera House in downtown Macon to see a really great performance of Mama Mia.

Grump at FOJ

Sweetie at FOJ

Ignore the large belly please!

It was a very busy, very enjoyable day!


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