Monday, April 25, 2016

2016/Apr/24 - Recovery

After all the excitement of yesterday, (both Grump and Sweetie were so revved up from Mama Mia that neither slept well), we all just relaxed today.  By "relax", I mean lay about in bed for hour after hour.

It was great!

For lunch we had two pizzas and cheese bread from Marcos.  Very good, but not as good as Papa John's, IMHO.

Marcos Chicken Pizza

Marcos Cheese Bread

Marcos Hawaiian Pizza
 Dodong approved.

 Our two ferns by the front door are kicking butt at the moment.  They look really nice this time of year, with their reddish new growth.

The Left Fern

The Right Fern

We did do a little shopping ..... we went to Lowe's and Ace Hardware, and bought some dirt, (yes! DIRT!!), and okra seedlings for Lola to plant, as none of our okra seeds sprouted.  We're having germination problems with many of the seeds Grump purchased online.  I suppose next year we'll have to find a new source.


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