Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016/Apr/29 - Back Home

Friday, Friday, Friday!  Not only is Friday the last day of the work week, but Old Grump gets to drive home after work.  Hooray!

Early in the morning, Grump and his roommate found they had a visitor!  It was a little lizard crawling around Grump's air mattress.

See the lizard?

Can you imagine the excitement if that lizard had crawled on Grump whilst he was sleeping?

This Friday was kinda nice, because Grump's boss had a party for all her staff at her house.  We had grilled chicken, hot dogs, and some chili made by one of Grump's co-workers that was very yummy.

Our amaryllis flowers are kicking butt this year!  The white one has mostly faded, but now the red and white ones are in full bloom!

Yes, that's Grump car in the background

We had pizza for dinner, then all went to bed early, as Grump was tired and, well ..... grumpy!


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