Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016/May/14 - Trip to the Beach

We all woke up early on this beautiful day, and quickly realized it was too lovely a day to waste: we would have to do SOMETHING.  Unfortunately the Old Grump was still under the weather, feeling tired, dizzy, and very, very grumpy.  After a few discussions back and forth, we decided the best thing to do was to make a quick trip to Tybee Island and let the boys frolic on the beach.  We figured even in his diminished state Grump could drive a car successfully, and if he was just going to sit around all day anyway, he may as well do something useful while he sat.

Savannah is about a two hour drive from our house, and Tybee Island is about another 30 minutes beyond that.  We arrived on the island a little before lunch.

A main street on Tybee Island

Kuya was eager to get to the beach!

The kids wasted no time jumping in the water, even though the adults thought it was still a bit cold.

Dodong LOVES the beach!

Hi Sweetie!

Finally, (for the adults - the kids could have stayed longer!), it was time to leave.  Here we are straggling back to the car.  (Notice Lola's hair!)

Some miscellaneous pics of Tybee Island beach:

Dodong was fascinated with the pine needles!

In our humble opinions if you're just looking for a "beach" experience, you're better off to go to Hilton Head, where the waves and sands are much smoother than at Tybee.  However, different desires make the world go 'round, and if you're nearby you should check out Tybee beach.  You may love it!

After the beach we head back into Savannah to get something to eat.

Savannah is absolutely infested with great restaurants.  One of our favorites is a breakfast/lunch place called The Funky Brunch Cafe.

It's located a few blocks away from the main tourist areas, but we always try to get a meal there when we are visiting Savannah.

We love walking around Savannah.  Pretty and/or interesting sights are seemingly around every corner.

Whilst in Savannah we saw lots of pirates.  Aaargg!!

If you ever decide to make a trip to Savannah, you could do worse than stay at the Westin across the river.  It is a very nice hotel, and there is a free river boat "taxi" to take you across the river to the restored riverfront section with all the fun tourist shopping stores.


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