Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016/May/08 - Sunday

Sweetie had a Mother's Day Tea Party today!  It was great fun!

However, the day didn't start off too well.  Grump woke up feeling tired and achy.  It's probably a good thing that he got the antibiotics yesterday, as his "throat zit" is looking really bad today.

The Repulsive Throat Zit

Kuya spent the morning playing minecraft on the iPad, while Dodong piddled about with a pair of mismatched socks.

Dodong and his mismatched socks

Lunch was interesting, consisting of sushi, bean burritos, mangosteens, and, for Grump at least, a Moxie.

A couple of the mangosteens we bought at the Buford Highway Farmers Market

We all relaxed before the tea party ......

Sweetie relaxing

...... then once our guests arrived we had all types of tea, (we do run an online tea shop, you know!), butterfly and strawberry cookies, lemon biscuits, and various fruits from our trip to the Farmers Market yesterday.  It was loads of fun, enjoyed by young and old.

Old Grump had a wonderful time, because he slept through the whole thing!  (He missed all the delicious cookies and yummy fruit.)

Even the kids played well together.

Mama Sue with Little Charlie; Sweetie with Dodong

Miss C looked lovely

Now it is evening, and time for Grump to get ready for an early bedtime.  (Does he do anything other than sleep?)

We all had a great weekend.  We hope you did too!


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