Monday, May 9, 2016

2016/May/09 - Difficult Monday

After little sleep for both Grump and Sweetie, Grump had to wake up obscenely early and make the long drive to Columbus, GA, while Sweetie had to coerce Kuya into getting, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and going to school.

But the real exciting events of the day occurred to Dodong, although "exciting" would not be used in a positive sense to describe them.

What happened is that Sweetie gave him one bite, (ONE BITE!), of some red snapper fish soup she had made, (and which, by the way, is delicious!), and he almost simultaneously broke out like this:

Dodong after ONE BITE of fish soup

Sweetie immediately gave him some Benadryl, but the redness and swelling continued until his eyes were almost swollen shut.  After having gone through a similar scare with Kuya just a little over a month ago, Sweetie realized this could be life threatening, so quickly got him into the car and drove him to the emergency room.

The emergency room people took one look at him and whisked him into a room and with no time to spare were injecting medicine into his legs, and as soon as he was somewhat stabilized, putting IVs into his arms.

Poor Dodong!  This is how he looked AFTER he had been treated with medicine at the hospital:

Poor Dodong!

So now BOTH our boys have severe allergies of one type or another, and both will need EpiPens.  Dodong recovered more slowly than Kuya, and since his allergies are food based, we will take him to an allergy specialist to determine what all will set off reactions like this.

Of course Grump drove home at lunch time to help a very tired and very stressed Sweetie deal with this latest catastrophe.  I guess the only good news is that we had a very nice dinner at FOJ, despite the fact that Grump had hiccups through the entire meal, (and is still hiccuping as I write this!).

Peace y'all!

P.S.  -  it's probably not necessary, but here are some more pics of Dodong in the hospital:

Poor guy!!

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