Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016/May/27 - Vacation Day!

Although it was Friday, Grump was back home in Macon, because he took a vacation day.

Kuya had his last (half)-day of school, so after dropping Kuya off Sweetie and Grump went ...... shopping at the mall!

Sweetie and Grump preparing to shop

Whilst there they both posed for pics:



Meanwhile, back home, Dodong slept:

Soon it was time to pickup Kuya from school.  Once back home, Sweetie played on the computer, Dodong enjoyed eating a popsicle, and Kuya blew bubbles.

A Candy Crush Addict!

Silly Dodong!

Umm ...... YUMMY YUMMY!!

A boy and his bubbles

See the bubbles?

Lola and Sweetie have been working very hard with the plants.  Their efforts are paying off!

Our daylilies are beginning to put on a show:

The passionfruit vine that Grump has been letting grow under, (and through), the porch, (the same one that Lola and Sweetie pulled out last year, causing all manner of teeth gnashing), finally flowered:

Grump's pride-and-joy, a purple flowered salvia of some sort, continues to do well:

I'm not sure you can see it in this pic, but we have lots of little lizards in our yard.  They're very, very fast, so it's hard to get a good pic of them.

Finally, the day came to an end with Kuya participating in a piano recital.  He played a song he wrote, "Flower Power":

Kuya's Piano Recital

Peace y'all!

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