Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016/May/21 - Shopping

It's Saturday, so we did what we usually do on a Saturday, namely ....... GO SHOPPING!  There's nothing more fun than spending money, (on credit), that we don't have.  Yeah, it sucks when the bills arrive, but that's the American way, right?

The day started off kinda weird.  On their way to the bank, (THAT itself is weird - depositing money instead of frittering it away!!), Grump and Sweetie had to turn around because a big tree had fallen across a main road.

The blocked road was Bass Road, which if you are familiar with the north part of Bibb County in central Georgia, you realize is a main, heavily traveled road.

They turned around and got to the bank another way, and soon also turned their attitudes around and went into "spending mode".  After a quick stop back at the house to get Lola and the boys, we all drove down to Warner Robins to go to a few Asian grocery stores there.

The first store we went to had some recently arrived homemade goodies.  We bought some and took them home for lunch.

Homemade Goodies at the Filipino Food Store

For most of the trip there and back, Dodong and Kuya slept.  This is how they are able to stay up late, yet get up early, keeping Sweetie and Grump in a perpetual state of tiredness.

Sleeping Boys

On the way home we stopped at Sams Club and once again spent more than we should on lots of fresh fruit.  Eating healthy is expensive!

After lunch, Grump took a nap, while Kuya took some, uh, "interesting" photos:

Whilst watching, Lola better realize that she is being watched!

Watch out Lola!

Around dinnertime we headed over to the Riverside Mall to walk around, (and spend more money!), then had a good dinner at the Buca di Beppo restaurant there, (spending more money in the process, of course).

Now it is late, and time for Sweetie and Grump to (hopefully) get some sleep, if they can also get Dodong and Kuya in bed.  Wish them luck!


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