Monday, May 23, 2016

2016/May/23 - Icky Monday

It was a wake-up-too-early-and-drive-too-long-into-work type day.  But Grump's gotta go to work, because, thanks to the wonderful (un)Affordable Care Act, we can't afford to buy health insurance.   Poor Grump!

This is what it looks like too early in the morning when Grump gets in his car and starts the long drive:

Moonlight Drive?

Kuya had a very good piano lesson after school.  Hooray Kuya!  Sweetie bought a bunch of plants at Lowes that were heavily on sale.  Hooray Sweetie!  Lola repotted plants.  Hooray Lola!  And finally, Thomas ate rice.  Hooray Thomas!!

Peace y'all.

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