Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016/May/12 - Another Rough Day

Lack of sleep ruined today for Sweetie and Old Grump.

Sweetie's problems began last night, with two restless young boys.  Neither of them wanted to sleep, so Sweetie couldn't sleep either.  This got very, very frustrating to her, so she got mad, which made her more frustrated and less able to sleep.  Grr!!!

Grump had a different problem.  He had been hiccuping badly at work all day, and before making any sort of connection as to what the source of his problem could be, he took his medicines, which included the steroid dexamethasone.  No sooner did he lay down in bed than he began to hiccup like a fiend!  He hiccuped almost all night.  The stupid stomach spasms kept him awake until 2:30 am, at which point, with nothing much else to do, he browsed the internet and discovered that, "Yes", hiccups are a side effect of this steroid.

Needless to say he is not taking any more dexamethasone!

So Sweetie was tired and grumpy all day, and Grump was a near zombie.  Fortunately his boss was very understanding, and didn't give him any grief whilst he sat at his desk in a catatonic stupor.

There was some good news.  Grump's roommate got a new bed, so now Grump can sleep in his old one:

Grump's deluxe living arrangements whilst working out of town

The good news is that neither of the boys seemed affected by lack of sleep in the least!

Kuya and Dodong posing with ..... uh ..... "hats"

See, it fits fine!

Peace y'all!

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