Sunday, May 22, 2016

2016/May/22 - Relaxing

We were all up late last night, much later than we should have been, so Sweetie and Grump were hoping the kids would sleep in a bit.


Both Dodong and Kuya were up with the first light of dawn.  I guess it's easy to go to bed late and get up early when you have a long mid-day nap!

Today was a church day for us.  We hadn't been in quite a while, and we really needed to give thanks for Dodong's and Kuya's complete recovery to their respective "allergy events".

Although they're suffering a bit from neglect, the church does have some nice ornamental plants:

Kuya and Dodong played in the church playground.

Sweetie watching the kids play on the swings

Back home, the boys spent the rest of the day "relaxing" - lying in bed, or on the sofa, watching videos on the text pad or Sweetie's iPhone.

Dinner was yummy!


Lola and Kuya were busy all evening:


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