Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016/May/07 - Yummy Saturday

We woke up early-ish, then Sweetie and Grump went for a quick walk.

Our plants are doing pretty good now.  The Amaryllis are about done blooming, but the variegated yucca has put forth a spectacular flower stalk.

The "resurrection fig" seems to be doing well.  It's a tough little plant; I hope it has a great summer.

Whilst they were walking, Grump tried several times to take a picture of the big white flowers of the southern magnolias, which are beginning to bloom now.  This is the best of his efforts:

After the walk was over, we decided to drive to the Buford Highway Farmers Market, in Doraville, (a wee bit north of Atlanta).  Since we left a few hours before lunch traffic on I-75 wasn't all that brutal, and we arrived at the Farmers Market without having to listen to Grump bitch about all the traffic and crazy drivers.  (Well, at least not much.)

Since we got there early, and the Farmers Market wasn't too crowded, we bought some fish.  They have a fantastic selection of fish and seafood there!



No, that's not a crab!  Kuya wasn't too thrilled to be too close to the crayfish.

These are crabs!!

A shopping cart full of pompano

Pink and Red Snapper

The Farmers Market also has a huge produce section which lots of exotic fruit and vegetables.  We bought some breadfruit and mangosteens.

Jackfruit.  These guys are medium sized.

After shopping we ate at the Farmers Market cafeteria.  The food was pretty good, and cheap, (which Grump really appreciated!).

Dodong enjoyed his drink!

The traffic back home was a bit worse than in the morning, but still for Atlanta quite light.

After getting home, and unpacking, Grump got a two hour nap, then we just relaxed for the rest of the evening, until Grump began to complain of a slight fever.  His "throat zit" was still very inflamed, so Sweetie convinced him to go to the local "Quick" Med, (a misnomer if there ever was one!  - the place should be called SLOW Med), where after spending an hour and a half he left with a prescription for steroids, (to reduce the swelling), and antibiotics.

The "Throat Zit", in a more mellow phase.


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