Friday, May 27, 2016

2016/May/25 - ??

Okay, something or other happened Wednesday.  Old Grump was very tired from getting to bed late due to the baseball game, so he just hobbled through work.  Sweetie was tired back at home, the boys did what the boys usually do, and indestructible Lola was fine, as always.

So the day was pretty much a blank, (or at least it is now, two days later!), so I'm gonna do what I always do in these situations, namely give y'all a bunch of WonderPolls!

1. Are you the Heart Breaker or the Heart Broken?

I've always been the "Heart Broken", so I sure hope my wonderful Sweetie doesn't get any ideas!  63% of respondents share my fate, with the remaining 37% of y'all facing the dire prospect of karma eventually wrecking havoc on your life.

2. If you see someone about to get shot would you, a) jump in front of the bullet, b) run away and let them die, or c) call the police?

This assumes that the "someone" is not a loved one, (member of your family, close friend, spouse, child).  For a stranger I'd chose "c", but for my wife or kids I'd like to think I'd chose "a".

Only 14% of y'all would take a bullet, and 44% would call the cops.  This means, disturbingly, that a whopping 42% of y'all would simply run away.  Shame, shame, shame!!

3.  What would you do if soldiers from another country parachuted down in your neighborhood, a) let them take me captive, b) go inside, get a gun, and start fighting, or c) hide under a rock.

Unfortunately we don't own a gun at the moment, (young boys in the house), so I'm pretty much limited to option "c".  Interesting only 3% of respondents would surrender, while 54% claim they would fight it out, and 43% would be hiding under a rock with me.

4.  Do you snore or talk in your sleep?  a) snore, b) talk, or c) I don't know.

Amazingly 66% of folks claimed not to know, which indicates to me that most of y'all must be sleeping alone!  I snore, but only 13% of respondents would also admit this.  The remaining 21% of y'all are talkers.

By the way ....... EVERYONE snores and talks in their sleep!

5.  Of this list, which animal would you be?  a) wolf, b) lion, c) whale, d) monkey, or e) snake.

That's an easy one, if what I was told is true, namely, that whales spend the majority of their time eating and having sex!  But would you believe that whale was the second least popular choice at 11%, exceeded only in unpopularity by the lowly snake, which snagged only 4% of respondents?

Wolf was the most popular choice at 38%, followed by monkey with 24%, and lion with 23%.

6. Which would you rather wrestle, a) crocodile, b) bear, c) shark, or d) Chuck Norris?

Obviously I'd rather wrestle Chuck Norris, since he is a rational human whom I could reason with, and would hopefully have empathy for me and not hurt me.  50% of folks agreed with me, with 23% of respondents showing they're reckless and choosing to wrestle an alligator, 14% showing they're a little less crazy and choosing to wrestle a bear, and 13% being totally insane and choosing to wrestle a shark.

Peace y'all!

P.S.  -  By the way, the 2017 WonderPolls Calendar is available on .  Below is a link.  (It's an affiliate link too!)

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