Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016/May/01 - Sunday

Sundays are always bittersweet for us, as we know that a dreaded Monday looms just around the corner, and in no time at all Grump will have to be making the long drive back to work.

But this Sunday was a little bit better than normal, as we rejoiced in the fact that we now have health insurance coverage!  We survived the month of April with no major health issues.  (As you may know, the last two days of March were disastrous!)

I suppose the most exciting event of the day was that Sweetie got to wear a nice dress when we went to church this morning.

Sweetie dressed up for church.  Notice the shoes!

After church Grump got a quick nap, (hooray!), then he and Kuya went to see a movie, Disney's remake of "The Jungle Book".  Being old fashioned, Grump claimed to like the cartoon from 1967 better.  (He would have been about 10 years old when it was released, I believe.)  However, Kuya liked the movie just fine.

Later Grump and Sweetie went shopping to buy a few essentials for the week, then shopping again to pick up a couple items they forgot.  Finally, in a fit of stupidity, as he was rushing to get in bed Grump angrily bashed the container of baking chocolate, and sent a fine mist of baking chocolate all through our pantry.


May your baking chocolate stay put in its container, and contaminate all your other food, (including a 25 pound sack of rice, for which Grump will most certainly be scolded!)

Peace y'all!

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