Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016/May/19 - Very, Very Tired!

Poor Old Grump!  He didn't sleep too well, waking up at 3:00 am, (it didn't help that Kuya had crawled into bed with him and Sweetie!), and then he had to leave home super-duper early and make the long, long drive to Columbus to go to work.

Of course it rained, heavily, most of the way there!

To say he was tired is an understatement, and to add to his woes, it turns out that some flaws were discovered in the process he had been assigned to implement at work, and that now he'll have to redo much of the work he's done this week.  Of course this "redo" effort will involve more complicated logic and coding.


Here, like an apparition warning of impeding tragedy, is the dramatic flower stalk of the yucca plant in our front yard, taken just before dawn:

Actually, other than Grump, everyone had a fairly decent day.  Kuya did well in school for the third day in a row, and Dodong had a busy, productive day doing whatever it is toddlers do.

Dodong sleeping peacefully on Sweetie's shoulder

Sweetie and Lola, being filipinas, never have any complaints, and today was no different.

I guess the weak link is Old Grump.


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