Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016/May/06 - Friday!!

It was Friday, (hooray!), and Old Grump only had to work a half-day, (hooray!), because his group had a picnic in the park, (hooray!).

The picnic was in the lower half of Wildwood Park, which I believe is called Weracoba Park.  It's in a nice neighborhood, as seen by this pic:

A nice house near Weracoba Park

The park itself looks okay, but there isn't really all that much there, and Weracoba creek runs through the middle of it.  The upper half, Wildwood Park, has tennis courts and baseball fields, and is much more heavily used.

One of Grump's co-workers brought several board games.

Grump got his butt kicked at Japanese Chess!  (He never could quite figure out how each piece moved.)

The confusing game of Japanese chess

Because the picnic ended before 5:00 pm, Grump was back home in central Georgia earlier than usual.  So he and the crew, (Sweetie, Lola, Kuya, and Dodong), climbed into his car and went shopping at Sam's club.  Yes, the shopping is starting early this weekend!

Grump has developed a nasty pimple on his neck, of all places.  It's quite ugly, and hurts like heck.

Old Grump's Neck Pimple

Hopefully the pimple won't spread and eat his brain!

Peace y'all!

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