Friday, May 27, 2016

2016/May/26 - Back Home

Even though it was Thursday, Grump drove home today, as he is taking tomorrow off as a vacation day.

Before he left Columbus he took some selfies standing in front of a mirror.  (When in Columbus, he stays at a co-workers apartment.)

A Fat Man before the mirror

Where is the real Grump?

Back home, Dodong played with Sweetie's cellphone in the shade of the garage, while she watered all the plants she purchased for next-to-nothing at Lowe's.

Don't drop that cellphone Dodong!

Sweetie watering her plants

What's happening at Lowe's in that they are heavily marking down unsold bedding plants, and not watering them.  So the plants shrivel up and wilt and in general look like hell, but once Sweetie repots them and gives them a good, long drink they quickly revive.

Some of Sweetie's "rescued" plants

You'd think that Lowe's would take better care of ALL their plants, but I suppose that doing so for the summer annuals just isn't cost effective.


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