Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016/May/10 - Tuesday was Rough Too

The important news is that Dodong completely recovered from his allergy escapades over the course of the night.  Hooray, and thanks to God!

Grump and Sweetie barely got any sleep, what with all this additional stress.  Grump's body responded by giving him hiccups most of the night, to add to his misery.  So when he woke up to drive into work halfway across the state obscenely early in the morning, he was a mess.

But he made it into work okay, and even took a pic of a working factory right down the block from his office building:

A working factory, (mill of some sort?), in downtown Columbus GA
I suppose there are still a few manufacturing jobs left here in the USA.

Sweetie, Dodong, Kuya, and Lola all survived the day as well, with Sweetie making DAMN SURE not to try to feed Dodong fish again!

What we need now are some WonderPolls!

1. What is your favorite kind of pickle?  a) Dill, b) Bread and Butter, c) Sweet, or d) I hate pickles!

First of all, never trust the 36% of respondents who claim to hate pickles.  That is just plain wrong!

I suppose "dill" is usually my favorite kind of pickle, followed by "sweet".  Only if really hungry will I eat a "bread and butter" pickle.

"Dill" was in fact the most popular answer, getting 50% of the votes.  The other two choices tied, being picked by 7% of respondents.

2. Would you rather, a) lose all your old memories, or b) not be able to make new ones?

Wow, that's a tough one!  I don't want to lose any of my memories, because memories are what makes me who I am.  But ..... if I can't make new ones, I may as well be dead, because I won't be participating in life.  I don't know how to answer this at all!

70% of respondents opted to live in a brave new world and leave their memories behind.  I hope it works out well for them.

3. Have you ever stolen something worth more than $100?  "Yes", "No", or "It was over $1,000".

I am extremely pleased to report that the overwhelming choice, at 86%, was "No".  That should help restore your faith in humanity.

8% of y'all are a bit scummy, and said "Yes", (although, to be fair, $100 just ain't worth what it used to be), and 6% of y'all should be positively ashamed of yourselves!

4. Would you rather be able to eat all the food you want and never get fat, or never have to pay for food again?

Never have to pay for food again, of course!  I can always exercise.

However, 53% of you fatties would rather just be able to endlessly stuff your face without physical ramifications, even if it costs you a fortune.  


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