Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016/May/03 - Sleepy

Who's watching the store?

Poor Old Grump!  He didn't sleep well last night.  What happened is that he logged into our online store, http://tea-universe.com, and discovered to his disgust that most of our products had been "disabled".  If you're morbidly curious you can read about it here, ( http://owlsandcuckoos.blogspot.com/2016/05/online-income-statement-april2016.html ), but basically what happened is that he didn't pay attention to the store, and let it get hosed.  BAD GRUMP!!

So ..... he was all upset over that, and didn't sleep well.

Meanwhile back home, Kuya and Dodong both got haircuts today:

Two Handsome Little Boogers!


1. Would you rather be responsible for world peace, or ending world hunger?

I would choose "ending world hunger", because that would make the world more peaceful.  But by a narrow margin, (51%), more folks disagreed with me.

2. If you were a millionaire, would you give half your money to your best friend?  a) Yes, b) No, or c) Some, but not half.

They ruined this question by adding "c".  I guess they didn't want to make us feel bad by choosing the only sensible answer, which is "b".  Why on earth would I give half my money to my best friend?

"Yes" did indeed get the fewest votes, with 9%, followed by "No" with 25%.  A majority of y'all chose to whimp out and picked "c".  Boo!!

3. Out of this list, which animal would you keep as a pet?  a) Alligator, b) Lion, c) Kangaroo, or d) Polar Bear.

Oh brother!  I don't know a whole lot about kangaroos, and they may, like raccoons, be nasty beasties at heart, but of the choices a kangaroo seems least likely to kill me, (it's the only herbivore option), so I'd pick "c".

Would you believe that 38% of respondents are stupid enough to try to keep a Polar Bear as a pet?  (I suppose they will win a Darwin Award for their efforts?)  34% of respondents were sensible enough to pick "c", while 25% chose to die by lion, and 5% by large aquatic reptile.

Peace y'all!

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