Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016/May/11 - Getting Better

We all got some good sleep last night.  Things are getting better!

Grump had an interesting breakfast, consisting of a piece of breadfruit, (in the styrofoam cup), an apple, two hardboiled eggs, and a cup of tea.  (Hooray for tea!)

Grump's Breakfast

At his job everyone was treated to a yummy lunch from Shane's Rib Shack of pulled pork, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw.  It was quite a feast!

Then, soon after lunch, Grump got the hiccups again!  There's always a price to pay for gluttony.

Because of the theatrics this past Monday Grump did NOT drive home tonight, but stayed in Columbus.  Which is just as well, because his work team had an impromptu meeting that lasted until 5:45 pm.

Nobody back home went to the emergency room today, which all things considered is a victory in itself.  I can't believe that both our boys now need to carry around EpiPens.  But thank God that their conditions, while serious, are treatable.

Peace!  And please, if you have a moment, go check out our online tea store: .

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