Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016/May/20 - Visit to the Allergist

Today was an exciting day for Dodong; he made a trip to the allergy doctor!  As part of his visit blood had to be taken from his arm, since he is too young, and his allergy is too severe, to subject him to a skin test.

They took A LOT of his blood, but Dodong was quite the trooper, and went through the entire ordeal without crying, (much).

They took a lot of blood out of me!

Some interesting facts about allergies, from the allergy doctor's office:

Kuya had ordered some books from school, and they arrived today.  One of the books included a pair of matching sunglasses.

Of course everyone else  had to try on those sunglasses!

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Grump took a pic of a co-worker's really cool car.  It's a Dodge Challenger, I believe, and it is a "sport edition", or something like that, which means it has a larger engine than is sensible for anyone to own other than a bachelor, (which his co-worker is).

Since it was Friday, Grump made the long, long drive home after work.  Once back home he, Sweetie, and Dodong went shopping for a few items for dinner, during which Dodong demonstrated that he is as serious and dedicated to driving as the Old Grump.

Don't bother me while I'm trying to drive!


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