Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 301

27/October/2015, Day 300.  Tuesday.  28/October/2015, Day 301.  Wednesday.  (Good grief!  Where was my brain?)

Well phooey - Blogger is acting funny tonight! This may turn out to be an interesting looking entry!

Despite a rainy start, it was surprisingly nice weather here in central Georgia.  Be that as it may, Old Grump had a very bad day at work, and since he's been home he has more-or-less gotten all of us in a bad mood.  How bad?  Bad enough that I don't even want to finish today's entry!

Paying our bills continues to be a challenge.  When we run out of cash, (because there is always "some month left" after the monthly income runs out!), we use the credit cards, particularly the American Express card.  Our balance on the "American Excess" is now solidly over $1,000.00 and soaring towards $2,000.00!  Ouch!  And we can't count on much of a bonus early next year from Grump's company, because they have not had a profitable year.  Ouch, ouch, ouch!

On a more pleasant note, Clickworker seems to have gotten out of the horrible doldrums it was in back in early October, but it is still nowhere near as lucrative as it was in the early summer.  If Clickworker doesn't get better soon I might just give it a rest for a bit.

Goodnight all!

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