Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 293

20/October/2015, Day 293.  Tuesday.

It was an interesting day at work for Old Grump.  He whined to his manager about how, now that he has a different team lead, the level of work expected from him is much, much higher, and she agreed.  And then proceeded to tell him that this is what he needs to do from now on, that the days of simply "band-aiding" the application he supports when it breaks are over.  His old team lead was much more lenient, but he was also apparently letting too many "quick fixes" get applied.  Now Grump will have to thoroughly research and test each and every update he makes.

Well poop!  Grump had become accustomed to just schlepping out random program patches here and there; now he is going to have to actually THINK about what he is doing.  Ouch!  Thinking hurts!

Meanwhile, Kuya has become a self-educated expert on "live pumpkins".  Should you want to know about "live pumpkins", he is the guy to ask.  For example, "witches create live pumpkins by putting alive soap on the scarecrow, and putting bones on the feet."  I can't write any more about them, because, (according to Kuya), you can't write or click on live pumpkins or you'll slow down your brain!  (Which is another way to become a live pumpkin, apparently.)

Back in the real world, Grump and Sweetie went for a drive after dinner.  The reason for the drive was to retrieve Grump's new sport coat from the place where he works, because he had forgotten it and left it there.  But on the way home they stopped at a grocery store and bought some Hagen Das ice-cream bars, which were two boxes for the price of one.  (I.e., buy one, get one free.)   Good Lord were they yummy!  Kuya, Grump, Sweetie, and Lola all got an ice-cream bar of their own, and Dodong shared a bite or two with all of us.  It was a great way to end the day!

Goodnight all.


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