Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 294

21/October/2015, Day 294.  Wednesday.

Poor Old Grump got pounded again at work today.  Ugh!!  But let's not talk about that ..... let's talk about Kuya's exciting day instead.

Today his first grade class went to Amerson River Park.  (Yes, this is the same place we went to this past Sunday.)  It was beautiful weather for a park outing, clear and a bit cool in the morning, warming up nicely as the day went on.  All the kids had a great time!

Kuya, (on left), and two classmates at the park

A Silly Pic!

Kuya made a butterfly picture from leaves

Monday and Tuesday Old Grump had to wear a sport coat to work, because some high-level muckity-mucks from headquarters were down visiting.  Here he is in his new sport coat:

Dodong, Grump, (looking serious), and Kuya, (looking silly)

We all need to go to bed real early tonight because Miss M. is being dropped off by her Mom at 5:30 am tomorrow.  Ouch, that's early!!  Goodnight all.

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