Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 290

17/October/2015, Day 290.  Saturday.

This was a very, very expensive day!  Besides the $140.00 trip to Sam's club to buy rice, vegetable oil, and other "essentials", we spent another $500.00, (yes, FIVE HUNDRED FRIGGIN' DOLLARS!!), on the following:

$300.00  -  two new tires for Old Grump's car

$200.00  -  a sport coat for Grump to wear to work next Monday and Tuesday.  (This ludicrous expense was already fussed about yesterday.)

Add in the cost of lunch, and dinner, (take out Chinese for all of us except Sweetie, who went on a "girl's night out" with her friends), and you're looking at a crazily expensive weekend.  Too many more of these, and we'll be living in the poorhouse!

The good news is we took advantage of another day of beautiful weather and worked in the yard, expanding an area for Sweetie and Lola to grow more camotes, (sweet potatoes), next year.  Everybody, (Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Old Grump, and Lola), worked together.  It was great fun, and hopefully productive.  Our gardens have been GREAT this year, mostly because of Lola.  Hooray Lola!

Now we are going to take advantage of the wonderful sleeping weather, and call it a day.  Goodnight all!

Update 10/19/2015  - While we were shopping for Grump's sport coat, Kuya met a friend of his from his old school at the mall:

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