Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 295

22/October/2015, Day 295.  Thursday.

Wow.  This was an interesting day.  Not necessarily a GOOD day, but an interesting one none the less.

It started very, very early, with Kuya's friend Miss M being dropped off a little before 5:30 am.  (Miss M's Mama had to have an operation today, so please pray for her and her family.)  Because of that we were all extremely tired and grumpy, except for Dodong, who slept through most of that excitement, and Lola, who is seemingly never tired or grumpy.

Speaking of grumpy, Old Grump got pounded on again at work today, but that seems to be the new normal for his job.  But after tomorrow he only has 102 more weeks to go until he is fully vested, and can quit if he has to without losing 401k money.  Maybe he'll soon get to the point where he can start counting days!

Meanwhile the operation on Miss M's Mama seemed to go very, very well.  Hooray!  Although she played with Dodong and Kuya most of the afternoon, she was already gone and on her way home by the time Grump got home from work.

The real theatrics of the day started soon after dinner.  Kuya got the idea that he would build a "Jack Skellington table", whatever that is.  Unfortunately Sweetie and Grump wanted to get ready for bed instead.  Kuya, in his tired state, began to throw a tantrum, and when Grump accused him of actually being a "live pumpkin" that someone had substituted for his son, Kuya completely lost it.

How bad was the ensuing tantrum?  Well, Sweetie was so frustrated with him she was ready to make him spend the night on the sofa, and Filipinas don't like anyone to have to sleep alone, especially their kids.

I suppose the good news is that Kuya is now old enough that when he cries uncontrollably he does NOT vomit, although he did have some ominous gagging.

Kuya crying and threatening to barf

Sweetie was NOT amused!
We better shut down now and get to bed.  Goodnight all!

P.S.  -  it may be that this was all triggered by Kuya being picked on at school today.  We don't know yet.  Stay tuned!

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