Monday, March 20, 2017

14/March/2017 - Preparing for the COLD

It was another work day for Old Grump.  

He prepared his oatmeal with some green tea mix this morning.  Yum, yummy!

Oatmeal before the "Green Tea" mix was added.  (Mix is in cup on the right.)

Green Tea Mix, after hot water was added
Oatmeal with Green Tea!

For dinner, Grump went with two co-workers, (Venerable Watson and Mr. Bits-and-Bytes), to a very good Mexican restaurant, El Vaquero.  This is the best Mexican restaurant that Grump has eaten at in Columbus so far.

Venerable Watson and Mr. Bits-and-Bytes chowing down on Mexican food

But the big news of the day was the impending cold front.

After an exceptionally mild winter, the dorks in charge of the weather for the eastern USA decided to demonstrate their exceptional incompetence once again by sending an extremely frigid arctic front our way.

Sweetie an Lola made a valiant effort to save our already sprouting fig trees by wrapping them up:

Preparing for the COLD

Whether this will help or not remains to be seen.

Inspired by the Mother Nature's insanity, Dodong took to trashing Kuya's desk and chair.

Dodong, destroyer of furniture


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