Wednesday, March 8, 2017

26/February/2017 - Fight! Fight! fight!

If yesterday was the warmup, today Sweetie and Grump's argument broke out into full force.  How bad was it?  Grump stomped out of the house for half a day; when he returned, he and Sweetie spent at least three hours hashing out their differences.

It was a painful experience!

Kuya feels the pain

Actually, the way Grump behaved makes us wonder if he's already beginning to suffer from Old Timer's Disease:

Crazy Old Grump

While Grump was out, Kuya wandered about the house, taking pics.

Sweetie feeling the pain

Eventually Sweetie and Grump patched things up.  HOORAY!!

We went to La Parilla for dinner that evening, as sort of a truce meal.

Pensive at La Parilla

Smiling Again!!

Hi Dodong!


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