Friday, March 24, 2017

17/March/2017 - St. Patty's Day

In Columbus, Georgia, someone ran into a utility pole in the morning, causing the lights to go out where Old Grump works:

A darkened office building

So ...... the powers-that-be had no choice but to let the worker-bees, (of which Grump is one), work from home.  "Home" in Grump's case was Venerable Sanford's apartment, so this was Grump's "desk" for the day:

Grump's temporary "desk"

Venerable Sanford had it a little better; at least he had a table and a chair to sit on.

Grump ate his breakfast/lunch standing up in the kitchen.

Eventually this silly workday came to an end, and Grump drove back home.  Once he arrived, the first thing he did was check on the plants, which had been battered by the STUPID cold front a few nights ago.  This is what he found:

A frost damaged fig tree

Frost damage

Hopefully our fig trees will recover from this, but the amaryllis will probably not bloom well this year.


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