Monday, March 20, 2017

16/March/2017 - Did the Plants Live?

Would you believe in got down to the mid-twenties, (Fahrenheit), last night in Macon, Georgia?  This was after a very mild winter, and several weeks of nice warm weather.

Most of the plants had begun to grow, putting out tender new growth, so I think from a horticultural perspective this spring will be a disaster.

Grump went out briefly at lunch, took a few weird pics, then hurried back inside.  It was simply too cold to walk!

For dinner he cut into a banana that I don't believe even Venerable Watson could eat, as it was rotten from the INSIDE!

Back home, Kuya entertained Sweetie by plugging up and then overflowing the toilet!  (What fun!)

Dodong was his usual happy self ......

....... while Kuya contemplated the intricacies of Minecraft.

Before going to bed, Kuya took some selfies:

So sad ..... time to go to bed now!


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