Sunday, August 6, 2017

27/July/2017 - Better Eye; Dead Websites

Believe it or not, Old Grump's eye was sloooowy getting better:

A supposedly healing eye

That's GREAT news!

On the website front, things were not so great.  After calling his web hosting service, (the odious Bluehost), Grump was informed that to get his four domains up-and-running again, he would need to pay $30.00 / month FOR EACH DOMAIN to run virus scanning programs, and to set up a firewall.  That's an additional $120.00 a month!!

That's ridiculous!  Isn't it the job of the web hosting service to run things like virus scans and firewalls anyway?  (If not, then the whole web hosting industry is a rip-off.)  Grump quickly decided that this was NOT an expense he was willing to pay, and told the web host to kill his websites and refund his money.

So we must say "rest in peace" to the following websites:

By the way ..... a quick-n-dirty analysis of what happened seems to indicate that the bad guys got in by exploiting a weakness in the Webfence plugin.  Whether that is actually what happened or not I can't really say, but it does make me uneasy, because Webfence is supposed to PROTECT your website!


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