Sunday, August 6, 2017

26/July/2017 - Bad Eye; Bad Websites

The day started off poorly for Old Grump: he had a problem with his right eye.

Blurry picture of a blurry eye

The "good news" behind this is that, when he went to an eye doctor in Columbus, Georgia, (an ophthalmologist), he was told that this was just basic eye irritation, and to keep his eyes moist via preservative free eye drops.  (Grump has dysfunctional tear ducts in his eyes.)

Back home, Dodong constructed a really cool tower out of wooden blocks.

Dodong's Tower

Cool, huh?

Meanwhile, Kuya did what Kuya always does, namely, play with his iPad.

Kuya and his iPad

The really cruddy news of the day was that Old Grump got an email informing him that his Bluehost account had been hacked, and that therefore all of the domains he was hosting with them were suspended.  That was a total of FOUR domains!


While sales at tea-universe have been slow recently, (the "summer slow down", I suppose), Grump has spent a lot of effort promoting that site.  (If you do a GOOGLE search on certain tea, tea-universe showed up somewhere on the first page!)  But now that it is disabled, all his efforts are in vain.

Ugh, ugh, and double UGH!!


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