Sunday, August 20, 2017

16/August/2017 - Lola's Teeth

Today was the day Lola was to have some teeth pulled.  Since that would obviously make her unable to watch the boys, Sweetie and Grump would have to fill in for her today.

Kuya and Dodong, planning for the day's craziness!

Since Sweetie would be homeschooling Kuya, poor Dodong got stuck with Grump.  Grump decided to take him to the playground at Amerson River Park.

"Why do I get stuck with Grump?", Dodong wonders.

The Amerson River Park playground is really cool!

Dodong at the playground

Meanwhile, Lola had some excitement of her own at the dentist's office!

Lola preparing to have a tooth pulled

As it turns out, Lola only had one tooth pulled, as the dental surgeon believes that if Lola has some intense gum cleaning done, (scheduled for late September, I believe), the other two will be okay.  Which was fine; having one tooth pulled was bad enough, as Lola was in pain for the rest of the day.


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