Sunday, August 6, 2017

28/July/2017 - Jacksonville!!

Today we woke up early, and drove to Jacksonville, Florida, to visit Grandma and Grandpa!

Upon arriving in Jacksonville, the very first thing we did was go to Jollibee.  (This should be an obvious choice to any and all Filipinos!)

Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong posing with the "Jollibee"

Kuya, Dodong, and Sweetie inside Jollibee

Now Grump joins in!

After a DELICIOUS lunch at Jollibee, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's apartment.

The Three Boys at Grandma and Grandpa's Apartment

After a long chat, we went to Panera for a quick snack.  (Yes, we did a lot of eating on this trip!)

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong at Panera

After another long chat while we snacked, we finally went to our hotel room, changed into our bathing suits, and went to the beach.

Sweetie and the boys, dressed for the beach

Dodong, Kuya, and Old Grump at the Beach

Sweetie and the boys at the beach

A windswept Sweetie, Dodong, and Kuya chatting with a Land Whale

Windswept Sweetie

The three boys at the beach

Going into the water

Sweetie and the boys at the beach

Dodong checking out the water

Kuya venturing out into the surf

It's Old Grump!!

Dodong in the water

Kuya in the water, (near a Land Whale!)

The beach was a blast!  We have two more days to play in Jacksonville; we're so excited!!


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