Saturday, August 26, 2017

21/August/2017 - Interview!

The excitement of today was that Old Grump had a job interview!

What happened was that, unexpectedly, a company contacted him last Friday about interviewing for a job.  Of course Grump jumped at the opportunity, (now that he is "retired", funds are constantly running low), and an interview was schedule for today.

Grump played "dress up" for his interview.  (Like it or not, appearances are VERY important in life!)

Old Grump scrubbed up and dressed up, ready for his interview

Maybe he looks better with backlighting, since he is harder to see this way?

The interview seemed to go okay; Grump didn't get anyone angry or offended, so it is possible he may actually get a job offer.

Wouldn't that be something if, right after "retiring", Grump begins a new job?


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