Sunday, August 13, 2017

11/August/2017 - Good Start; Ominous End

Today started out okay.  Kuya and Dodong seemed happy; Sweetie and Grump were tired, but not ill. (Lola, being a tough filipina, is always fine.)

Kuya doing what he usually does, playing with an iPad

Sweetie brushing Dodong's teeth

It was after Sweetie and Lola went to Bible study, leaving the boys with Grump, that things got ominous.  Soon after they left, Dodong's mood changed:

Unhappy Dodong

A quick glance at his body revealed why:


Poor Dodong was having another allergic reaction to something!

Grump called Sweetie, and she and Lola immediately came home.  One look at Dodong, and Sweetie decided to take him to the After Hours Clinic to get checked over.

As it turns out, it wasn't a severe allergic reaction this time, (his breathing was fine, and so was the oxygen levels in his blood), but we still have to force Benadryl down his mouth every 6 hours or so.  (Believe me, giving Dodong Benadryl is NOT a pleasant chore!)


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