Thursday, August 17, 2017

14/August/2017 - Bihon and Peanuts

Today for lunch Grump and Kuya had some yummy bihon that Sweetie had cooked.  They ate it with rice, of course, as they have learned that the proper way to eat any type of noodles is with rice.  (Rice goes with EVERYTHING, and should be a part of each and every meal!)

Grump got creative, and added some peanuts to his bihon, making it a "Thai-style" bihon:

Grump's bihon, with peanuts added

Kuya got excited, and dumped the remaining contents of the peanut jar on his lunch, giving him the world's most peanutty bihon!

Kuya's bihon, loaded with peanuts!

After lunch, things got much less exciting.  Grump and Lola had dental appointments.  Grump learned he has to have a filling replaced, which he will get done tomorrow, just before his dental insurance lapses.  Ugh!  Lola has a few aching teeth, and after getting x-rayed, it was decided that she will have them pulled on Wednesday.  Since she doesn't have any insurance, this will cost us about $400.00.  Double Ugh!!

So .... except for our teeth, today was another good day.


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