Monday, January 18, 2016

2016/Jan/18 - UGH!!

Monday, and t's back to work.  Yuck, yuck, yuck, and a huge double UGH!!

Grump's workday was as bad as you'd expect, so let's not even discuss it, okay?

Kuya had the day off from school, due to the MLK Jr. Holiday.  He, and Dodong, and Lola, and Sweetie all had a great time at home today, while poor Grump suffered at work, alone.  (Poor, poor Grump!)

WonderPoll of the day:  Have you ever entered the wrong restroom by mistake?

This was a "Yes" or "No" type question; "Yes" won out by a slight margin.  But then I think this poll was flawed.

Shouldn't there have been a "entered the wrong restroom intentionally" answer?  And what is the "wrong" restroom anyway?  Which restroom does a transvestite/transexual use?

Aside from gender issues and confusion, sometimes there is no "wrong" restroom.  Many years ago I went to massage school, and ALL the restrooms in that school were unisexual, or "gender nonspecific", if you prefer.  (Gotta wonder about those "therapeutic" massage folks - they make a big fuss about being totally non-sexual, then mix the boys and girls together to go pee!)

Spenglish of the day:

Tenemos que luchar por la igualdad de todas las personas a utilizar cualquiera y todos los baños que puedan desear. (Hear, hear!!)

Hugs and Peace!

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