Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016/Jan/23 - Brrr!

Wow!  It was really, really cold out today.  Now maybe for some of you denizens of "The Great White North" the actual temperature, (30 Fahrenheit, I believe), wasn't all that brutal, but the wind was strong, sharp, and cutting.  Brrr!!!

So how did we react to this chilly weather?

First everyone, (except Grump, who has suffered through enough snow now to last the rest of his lifetime), went out to play in the "snow".

Kuya, Lola, and Dodong playing in the "snow"

Snow? What snow?
Then, not having learned our lesson, we drove north up I-75 to Atlanta, looking for the heavy accumulations of snow promised by the weather service, to show Lola, who has never really seen snow.  We never found any.  (There were some brief flurries, but nothing exceptional.)

We eventually wound up at Stone Mountain Park.  It was unpleasantly cold there, and many of the trails and roads were closed in anticipation of the blizzard that never arrived.

Kuya freezing in a nearly abandoned Stone Mountain Park

Careful Grump!  That water is very cold!

Kuya is slightly more sensible

Sweetie and Dodong wisely remained in the parking lot.  Wisest of all, Lola stayed in the car!

Stone Mountain

Heroes of the Confederacy carved into the rock.  (I was too cold to take a closer pic!)

Where is everybody?  Kuya standing in a nearly empty parking lot.

While at the park we ominously discovered one of the tires on Sweetie's car was flat.  We were able to reinflate it at a nearby gas station, and continue driving on it without further mishap.

Flat Tire!
After freezing our butts off at Stone Mountain Park, we drove into Atlanta and had a wonderful lunch at a nice Thai restaurant, (Surin of Thailand), then after a brief stop at the Tanger Outlet in Locust Grove so Sweetie could shop a bit, headed on home.

At the restaurant

Dodong checking us out.

Peace y'all.

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