Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016/Jan/19 - Weakday

Tuesday.  Not as dreadful as Monday, but still near the top of the work week.

Grump had a tough day at work, again.  Some nutty project he's been working on for almost a year had a new problem develop, so he worked a bit late on it.  He'll probably have to go fuss with it over the weekend.  Phooey!

Kuya was back at school today after the MLK Jr. holiday yesterday.  He is still young enough that he enjoys school.  Just wait kiddo!!

For dinner, Grump and Sweetie bravely ate some Chipotle takeout, while Lola and Kuya played it safe with McDonalds.  Dodong munched on anything and everything we gave him, eating just enough to almost make a meal.

WonderPoll of the day:  would you rather own a baby panda or a dolphin?

The baby panda won this contest with 74% of the votes.  (Probably because people are confused after watching "Kung Fu Panda"!)  Too bad there isn't an option to select neither!

Spenglish of the day:   ¡Fue un líder de primera, especialmente en el dormitorio!

Peace y'all.

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