Monday, January 18, 2016

2016/Jan/17 - Visitors!

We all woke up early, dressed, ate breakfast, and went to church.  Back home after church we mostly just lay about, chatted, and relaxed, awaiting the upcoming storm.  Soon enough it hit us - visitors!  Mama Sue, Pastor Jude, their two daughters, their kids, and Miss Lily all descended upon our house.

Kuya and Brody had a great time playing, except for the occasional fight.  (Brody threw a block at Kuya's head by accident!)  Mama Sue had brought over some pompano and veggies, which Sweetie made into a delicious fish stew.  After we all ate, Lola hid in the kitchen, and Grump hid in the bedroom, whilst everyone else socialized and had a good time.

All too soon it was time for our guests to leave, and for us to get ready for bed, to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the dreaded Monday morning.

WonderPoll of the many days, (because Grump forgot to bring the daily page of the WonderPoll calendar home Friday night!):   Which would you rather ride into battle?

Giant Bunny  (10%)
Giant Hamster (7%)
Giant Ferret (15%)
Unicorn (68%)

The correct answer is, of course, "Unicorn", because everyone knows that unicorns are magical.  "Giant Ferret" is a weak answer, and unless you get some serious jumping action going, "Giant Bunny" is as suicidal as "Giant Hamster".

Bonus WonderPoll, (due to Grump's senility):  Would you rather eat your own thumb or your best friends's hand?

"Thumb" was chosen by a slight margin, which makes me wonder about the ethics of the folks who answer these polls!  I hope none of these folks are MY friend!

Spenglish of the day:

Ponte los guantes.  Necesito usar una bufanda.  ¡Hala! ¡Ahora " lo siniestro " está listo para aterrorizar a la ciudad!


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