Saturday, January 21, 2017

10/January/2017 - Grump Goes Wild

As is the norm these days on a Tuesday, Grump was stuck in Columbus for his job.

The view today out Grump's office window

A comparison of thumbs, for the curious:

Grump's thumb, photographed at work

Sweetie's thumb, photographed back home in Macon

As he does periodically, Grump went crazy and took all sorts of pics of all sorts of things near where he works in downtown Columbus.  If it's a slow day and you need a diversion, you can see the "best" of them here:

A Crazy Grump

One of the results of Grump's photographing ramblings

After work, Grump FINALLY went to work out on the treadmills at Venerable Watson's apartment complex.

A fat Grump contemplates the exercise machinery


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