Wednesday, January 4, 2017

31/December/2016 - Another Year Gone By

It was the last day of 2016.  Tomorrow will be a new year!

Kuya and Dodong contemplated their progress this year.

Kuya Contemplating

Dodong Contemplating

Grump wrote a post about making tea from loose leaf tea:

Grump making tea

But soon we were back to established routines, such as the boys playing with their electronic gadgets.

Dodong playing with the iPhone

Kuya playing with the iPad

Lola and Dodong played with Play-Doh.

Later in the evening, Grump and Sweetie went shopping, (in the rain!), at a mostly deserted Riverside Mall.

Sweetie at the Riverside Mall, in the rain

We did buy a few treasures, but many of the stores were closed, so we came back home.


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